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I'm an independent accessibility advocate, front-end engineer, inclusive designer, and educator. You can hire me on a freelance basis for short-term and long-term projects, accessibility reviews and training.

I am taking on new clients starting January 2023.
Interested in collaborating? E-mail me at

Front-end engineering.

Next availability: January 2023

I'm a front-end, design and accessibility cross-breed. This means I build products and websites that are user friendly, accessible and scalable.

I'm open for ongoing front-end consulting, standalone projects, and accessibility engineering. I can independently build accessible websites and prototypes, make accessibility improvements to existing products, or work embedded in a team building the front-end for new features.


  • HTML
  • CSS
  • JavaScript
  • TypeScript
  • React
  • D3.js
  • Sanity
  • Eleventy
  • Next.js

Example tasks & outcomes

  • Ongoing front-end consulting.
    I can assist your team with the implementation of new accessible features, or improve existing ones. I use an hourly rate for this type of project and work mainly remote and in the Oslo timezone. Note that I typically limit long-term ongoing consulting to 2-3 days a week.
  • Improving accessibility.
    Does the accessibility of your product need to be improved? Have a lot of divs that need to become buttons? An inaccessible graph? I can work alone or together with your team on implementing accessibility improvements.
  • Scalable and accessible product prototype.
    I'm fluid in HTML and CSS, and often design prototypes directly in code. If you have a product idea, I can prototype it using HTML, CSS and JavaScript or React. I focus on user experience, accessibility, responsive design, and performance from the very start of a project.

Accessibility reviews & strategy.

Next availability: January 2023

Don't know if your products or data visualizations are accessible? What's needed to move in a more inclusive direction? How to become WCAG compliant?

I can do a detailed or high-level accessibility review, and based on the outcomes suggest fixes and next steps. Often this also includes building internal accessibility documentation & guidelines.

Example tasks & outcomes

  • Dataviz accessibility review.
    Don't know if your data visualizations are fully accessible? What do they sound like when navigated with a screen reader? Not sure what the requirements are? I can do an accessibility review of your visualizations or dashboard, and create an outline of what works and what doesn't.
    This usually includes a few sessions with the team to onboard them on dataviz accessibility, and to go over the outcomes of the review and the suggested next steps together.
  • Accessibility guidelines and documentation.
    When the designers, content writers, developers, and testers all know what to look out for, accessibility and WCAG compliance becomes a lot more feasible. I can provide accessibility documentation and guidelines based on the needs of the product and team. This can be in the form of a custom documentation system, Confluence/Jira documentation, a Notion file, Figma components, or a combination of them.
  • Accessibility testing & reviews.
    I can perform an in-depth or high-level accessibility review of your product. This can for example mean reviewing new designs before they get shipped off for development, code reviews, or testing a specific feature or an entire product against WCAG. With some clients I have weekly check-ins to review ongoing designs. Note that I haven't gone through WCAG auditing certification (yet).

Inclusive design & accessibility training.

Next availability: December 2022

Do you want to learn what goes into building inclusive products? Get your designers up to speed with designing and documenting keyboard and screen reader interaction? Freshen up your front-end team's WAI-ARIA and semantic HTML knowledge? Or dive into the world of dataviz accessibility?

You can book me for one-off presentations and workshops, or recurring training sessions, one-on-ones and Q&As.

Example tasks & outcomes

  • Presentations & lectures.
    I give talks about accessibility, dataviz accessibility, and queer inclusive design. This can either be a generic session, or one tailored to the audience and product.
  • Workshops & training.
    Want to get a bit more hands-on than a presentation? Dive deeper into a specific topic? Learn how to test your features with a screen reader? Give your team a refresher on semantic HTML? I can give one-off or recurring accessibility workshops and training.
  • Accessibility office hours & Q&A.
    We can have occasional accessibility checkins with the team. This is a great time for people to ask for feedback on ongoing designs, discuss how certain keyboard interactions should work, ask about confusing requirements, or get their code reviewed.

Creative coding.

Next availability: January 2023

I build good looking, user-friendly, responsive and accessible websites, blogs, and interfaces. I can run the process from start to finish, and often design directly with code.

I enjoy challenges involving different ways of working and visualising data and content, and have a lot of fun writing creative css (eg. creating photorealistic CSS drawings).

Fun fact: I've been writing HTML/CSS since I was 10 ✨.

Example tasks & outcomes

  • Full product website or blog.
    I design and develop an accessible website based on your brand. I use either markdown files or Sanity for content management, and Eleventy or Next.js for the front-end. I'm open to different solutions too, but don't do Wordpress development.

Contact Information

Want to work with me on a project? Need a talk or training session? Contact me on to discuss. Please include your expected timeline, scope and budget in your intitial email so I can get back to you faster. If you're booking me for a training session, it's also useful to know how many people will be attending, and what their background is.