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Sarah L. Fossheim

I'm an experienced independent developer, designer and educator. I specialize in building accessible and inclusive products, and have a particular focus on dataviz accessibility.

About me / my work.

About me

Hi! I'm Sarah Fossheim (pronouns: they/them), and I work as a front-end developer and inclusive designer. I'm passionate about accessibility, dataviz, and building ethical technology.

I enjoy making drawings with CSS, I write about tech and collect ethical design resources. You can check out what I'm currently working on through

I'm located in Oslo, Norway, and working independently. You can hire me on a freelance basis for accessibility projects, creative coding and front-end consulting. I'm also open to do talks, workshops and training sessions. I'm taking on new clients from January 2023 onwards.

My favorite work projects are those where I get to work at the intersection of different disciplines, and combine my engineering and user experience design background to solve complex problems - all while keeping a focus on accessibility, ethics and user experience.

I have worked in-house in the edtech and biotech sector, where I focused on building intuitive front-ends for data-heavy products. I have also worked as a consultant with both startups, the public sector and large corporations.

Since starting my own business mid 2021, I mainly focus on accessibility and inclusive design.

Depending on the project, this can mean a variety of things: performing (dataviz) accessibility reviews, having training sessions, writing documentation, implementing accessibility improvements and bugfixes, or developing new features with accessibility and WCAG compliance in mind from the start.

I also build user friendly and accessible websites, prototypes and web apps.


  • HTML
  • CSS
  • JavaScript
  • TypeScript
  • React
  • D3.js
  • Sanity
  • Eleventy
  • Next.js

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I have spoken at public events and on podcasts since 2021, including:

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I'm open to do deliver talks or workshops about (dataviz) accessibility, queer-inclusive design, and front-end development. If you're interested in booking me, send an e-mail to Please include some information about the event/company, dates, audience, and budget in the initial message.

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